Helpful Hints

Did you know that you can track the number of people shopping your online catalog and see how many searches they are making?


  1. Go to Select "My Account". Enter your account number and password. Submit.


  1. From the Administrative page menu, select "Web Tracking". You will be given the option of selecting a catalog (if you have multiple catalogs) and a date range.


  1. Select "Summary by Date" to view the number of individual users and the total number of searches performed. This screen also provides the average time per search (this is the time required for the servers to perform the search and send information back to the screen). You can view no more than five days at one time.


  1. The "Search Item Summary" feature provides information on what type of items have been searched. For example, the part category.


  1. The "Monthly Recap" tells you how many individuals searched your catalog for a specific month and the number of searches.

Special Note:


The "Edit Inventory" function on the Administrative Page has been removed from all accounts that have the iParts version 1.20 and newer. This was done to eliminate the data corruption that occurs when both iParts and the Administrative Page are used to make online catalog changes.


Please let us know if you need a newer version of iParts or if you have any questions regarding this action.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this feature or any other aspect of your Internet catalogs. 1-800-203-9966.


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