Frequently Asked Questions

How does the e-commerce system work?
  Your Internet catalog or inventory is a database hosted on our secure, high-speed server. You will not have to purchase any additional equipment to support your Internet catalog.

The database may be searched many ways including the use of a part number, an item description, or a vendor. Items may be individually added to your Shopping Cart, plus a Quick Order Form is provided for customers who already know the item number they wish to order. Pictures of the items in your catalog may be displayed upon request. Your customer may send you an e-mail to ask questions or give feedback concerning your inventory and they automatically receive an e-mail order confirmation after each order has been placed.

Your customized web site colors, background images, and company logo are used to customize and polish the look of your Internet catalog. After completes the initial setup, you simply link your new Internet catalog/inventory to your current web site. insures that your catalog information displays and operates quickly using high-speed technology and taking into account the various systems your customers may be using to access your products on the Internet.

To see a demo of how our Internet catalog works, click here.
How much will it cost to place my catalog/inventory online?
  The set-up and maintenance cost is directly related to the size of your catalog/inventory and the complexity of graphics, etc. Parts123 can enter the data, including all pictures, for you.

If Parts123 enters the data, the set-up for an inventory of 3,000 part numbers would average between $1,600 and $2,950. Pricing will vary depending on the number of pictures and whether they are provided on disk or have to be scanned.

After the set-up is complete and your inventory is linked to your web site, you will pay a monthly hosting fee. A certain number of orders is included in your monthly hosting fee.  For very high volume accounts, there is an additional per order fee.  

Using the above example, the monthly hosting fee for 3,000 parts would be $175/month. This price includes all system features with no additional maintenance or e-commerce charges. There is no contract to sign and you may continue for as long as you like or discontinue the service at any time.

If you would like to receive a specific price quote based upon your own catalog, please call us at (800) 203-9966 or click here.

Is there a limit to the size of the Internet catalog/inventory?
  No. Our system handles inventories of any size. We currently host hundreds of catalogs and inventories for both retail and business-to-business companies totaling over two million individual part numbers.

Can I have more than one Internet catalog/inventory?

  Yes.  You can place any number of catalogs/inventories online.
Can I update my Internet catalog/inventory myself?
  Yes. provides all of our customers with a comprehensive data entry and maintenance program called iParts. The iParts program allows you to make all inventory updates from your own PC. Any updates you make will immediately appear on the Internet.

For more information on iParts, click here.
How do I receive my orders?
  All orders placed from your Internet catalog come directly to you via e-mail.  You may then download the order from your Account Page on our web site and it will include all of the information you need to process your customer’s order.
How do I receive payment for orders?

We provide a secure avenue for the customer, credit card, and payment information.  You process the orders generated through our system the same way you process your non-Internet orders.

We can also link your Internet orders to a merchant account for credit card approval.

Do I have to sign a contract for service?
  No contract is required.  You may continue for as long as you like, or cancel at any time.
Does guarantee sales?
  While we can guarantee the exceptional performance of our system, we can not guarantee traffic to your website.  As with any other aspect of your company’s success, the overall success of your e-commerce will depend on the effort your company dedicates to advertising and promoting the use of your Internet catalog. will certainly be able to give you information about the techniques that have brought the best results in accomplishing this goal.
Can the system work for any industry?

Yes.  Any industry can benefit from our e-commerce system.

We can convert practically any catalog or inventory into a searchable database for the Internet.  For wholesale or retail, is the easiest and most affordable e-commerce solution.

How do I sign up?
  You may contact us via e-mail or call toll free (800) 203-9966 Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


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