Search result screen columns



The dark blue  header contains the "Return to Search" button.  The "Return to Search" button will take you back to the search entry screen.


This is the year or rear range the part fits.


This is the model the item fits. ALL in this field means the item or part fits all models for the Make and Year of the search.


The name of the part as entered by the seller.


This is a brief description of the item or part and may not be all of the information available. Additional information may be available in the "Info" area.


This can be the OEM part number or the number the seller assigns the item.


This is the sell price of the item.



This link provides all additional information regarding the part and all seller contact information. 
The upper frame contains the seller's name, address and phone numbers if available.
Clicking on the "Contact Regarding This Item" link opens an e-mail screen addressed to the seller allowing you to ask questions.  Available pictures are in the center left frame. Clicking on a picture provides a larger image.  

The "View Inventory/ Catalog" link will provide a list of all the items the seller has listed or will take you to the dealers complete parts catalog.

INFO: All additional part or item description is in this field.


Clicking in the box in this column will add the part to a list of items you want to compare. Clicking on "View My Compare List" will allow you to view and compare  the items you have selected.


If pictures of the part or item are available, a thumbnail image will appear in the far right hand column. Clicking on the thumbnail image will enlarge it.