How to list parts for sale



Choose “List Parts For Sale

Click on “Add Parts For Sale

Select a Make
Select the make of vehicle the part fits. If it fits all makes, select “Universal/After mark et”. If the make you want is not currently on the list, click on “Add New Make” and follow the instructions.

Select a single year or range of years that the part fits.

Enter the model the part fits, example: CAMARO. Enter ALL or leave blank if the part fits all models. Do not use this field for body styles such as 2 door, hardtop, etc.

Part Name
Enter the basic name of the part, example: Water Pump

Brief Description
Enter only basic information about the part, example: Right, Front, steel, etc.

OEM Part #  (Not Required)
Enter the original equipment manufacturers part number if you know it. Some users search with this number.

Part Condition
Select the condition of your part.

Enter the price you want for the part.

Select the part category that best fits your part.

Select the packaging of the part, example: each, pair, etc.

Additional Information
This is where you fully describe your part. Enter as much information as you want.

Click “Add Part and Continue”  

Add Pictures

To add pictures of your part, click on the “Add Pictures” link next to the part. A screen will appear that will allow you to “browse” your computer and find the picture (s) you want to add. You can add up to 4 pictures of each part and the number 1 picture will show as a thumbnail image next to your part in the search. Our program automatically uploads and sizes your pictures for you. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to upload and resize large images depending on your Internet connection.

Your part is entered!  

You may add additional parts or log-out at the upper right of the screen. You can easily view your parts on E-Swap Meet by clicking on the “View Recently Added Parts” on the E-Swap Meet home page.