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What is the purpose of E-Swap Meet?

A E-Swap Meet is intended to be the premier location for locating, buying, and selling parts for all antique, classic, collector, and performance vehicles.

What is our goal?

A Our goal is to be the largest single location for specialty vehicle parts. We are currently the leading provider of Internet catalogs and e-commerce for this industry with over 200 parts catalogs and nearly 2 million parts online.

Who can use E-Swap Meet?

A E-Swap Meet is open to everyone, both individuals and businesses.

What does it cost to use E-Swap Meet?

A There is currently no charge for using E-Swap Meet. Once E-Swap Meet is established, there will be a minimal charge for listing parts for sale. This charge will be very low to encourage the ongoing listing of a large number and variety of parts.  Searching the database will continue to be free.

How many parts can I list on E-Swap Meet?

A There is no limit.  You can list from 1 part to 1,000's of parts.

How long will parts be listed?

A Parts will be listed for 60 days unless extended or deleted by the seller.
Q How do I search for parts?
A You can search in many different ways. You can search by vehicle Make, Year, Model, Part Description, Part Category, Part Condition, or OEM part number. You can use all of these for a very narrow search or a combination to customize your search. Example: You can search for all 1957 Ford car body parts in the database, or you can narrow that down to a NOS (New Old Stock) steering wheel for a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.
Q How do I buy parts?
A Each part lists full seller contact information, including contact phone number. You can also send an automatic e-mail asking for additional information. All negotiations are strictly between the buyer and seller. 
Q How do I list parts for sale?
A Simply follow the instructions for entering your parts into the database. You will be asked to enter specific information about each part to insure that it comes up in the proper searches.
Q How much information can I give for each part?
A You can provide an unlimited amount of description and up to four pictures for each part.
Q Why do I need an account number and password to list parts?
A The account number and password allows you to add, change, or delete your parts without anyone else having access to them. The account number also allows the buyer to view all of your parts together if desired. Example: A seller has a 6X2 intake manifold for a 1953 Cadillac engine and you want to see what else he/she has listed for sale.
Q Can I link my E-Swap Meet parts to my personal website?
A Yes. We will provide a link to put on your website that will allow buyers to view your parts on E-Swap Meet. They will be able to see only your parts and you can use this as an online catalog.
Q Can I have a link on my parts at E-Swap Meet that brings the buyer directly to my website?
A No, with the exception of businesses using the Parts123.com Internet catalog and e-commerce system. These businesses will be provided links from their parts on E-Swap Meet to their complete online catalog.

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